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DICE is a global marketplace, creating order and structure in this fragmented market, allowing Content Creators full control and giving Media Channels access to Content from multiple sources through a single point.

DISKOVER makes content curation simple and easy enabling access to wide variety of digital content from multiple sources.

KPLAY enables Publishers, Brands and OEMs to enhance their Content offering - increasing audience engagement - by providing pre-packaged highly quality, curated Content - tailored and customised -specific to the Business.

Whether you are a Publisher, Broadcaster or OEM, your object is to deliver niche, premium and high quality content to your audience. We complement your efforts and help you to :

  • Source niche International content
  • Integrate with your Content delivery system
  • Manage multiple providers
  • Provide unified Dashboard and Reporting

As a premium Brand, you are exploring Content to tell your story. We complement your efforts and help you to :

  • Discover high quality Content
  • Create customised and tailored Content
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